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MyBrotherSteve on Facebook: Our (evolving) page on Facebook. We would like to like you for Liking us on Facebook.
Internet Speed Test on Check out your internet connection speed with this test that runs on all modern PC, tablet and phone operating systems.
Microsoft: The world's largest software company; makers of Windows and Office. Windows 10 is almost here (bye bye 8).
Apple, Inc.: The makers of the Mac, OS X, iPods, iPhones, & more cool stuff.   Oh...   yeah, yeah, yeah... the watch too....
Google: The largest provider of internet search results and lots of other goodies, on this planet (or any other that we know of).
eBay: The world's largest online marketplace and auction site. Look up spelling or definition of words. Other grammar and language services as well. How great is that?!?
The Coffee Fountain: Great quality coffee, espresso, tea, and accessories. Gift baskets are always a nice holiday treat.
The Food Bank of Yolo County: They are amazing in how many people they help directly and indirectly avoid going hungry every single day. They are so worthy of our help and support! 96 cents of EVERY dollar goes directly to those who need it most.
Tech news links: Links to tech news sites on our News page.
Remember, when they ask you who helped you with ANY of your computer needs...    just tell them "My Brother Steve did!"
Now YOU have a brother in the computer business!
Have a fantastic day! From Steve and Company.     
Lately we have seen the increasing amount of adware and spyware on new clients' computers. There are many tools out there (many of them available at little or no cost) to help keep you free of these pests. We can help find the best solution to keep you as ad-free and popup-free as possible.

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Contact us to help you complete your next project. We can help you fix or upgrade your computer, or even customize a brand new system, built to your needs, with Windows 7 or Mac OS X.

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Steve is a Microsoft Certified Professional and works with Certified Professionals on his team.
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