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Privacy Policy:
Information we gather:
The following information is gathered from our website visitors:
IP address, browser, and operating system, which is gathered by all web servers on the Internet. For clients with an account to view projects online, usernames and passwords are stored in an encrypted and protected area to be used for login authentication purposes.
How we use the information we gather:
We use the above statistical information to enhance our visitor's experience, such as using your operating system and web browser information to ensure we serve a version of the web page that will render properly on your screen.
We will NEVER share any of your personal information with ANY other parties, unless you tell us specifically to do so, in order that it may enable us to serve you better, or unless required by legal process or law enforcement agencies.
People that are normally given access to this information:
Your personal information is only accessible by the owner and his trusty staff.
Security measures to protect your personal information:
To safeguard your personal information:
A) we don't really save much of anything to begin with; browser & OS information is recorded by the hosting company, not by us;
B) login information (when applicable) is encrypted and hidden;
C) As mentioed above, we will NEVER share any of your personal information with ANY other parties (unlike some sites that are in the news these days), unless you tell us specifically to do so, in order that it may enable us to serve you better, or as required by law enforcement;
D) we take an oath to chew & swallow the paper it's written on, should the rebels attack and overrun us.
Our use of cookies:
Our website makes NO use of cookies, which are small digital (text) files that are stored in your web browser that enable sites to track your return visits to a particular website, or other web browsing information.
Terms of Use:
Use of the Site:
You may use the Site and its' features, including, but not limited to: viewing text, graphics, photographs, images, moving images, sound, illustrations, software content and the general design on the Site (singly or collectively, the “Content”) solely for your informational purposes, to check on any active projects that are being worked on by us, and/or to learn about Computer Services products and services.
No right, title or interest in any Content is transferred to you, whether as result of downloading such Content or otherwise. Computer Services reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in all Content. Except as expressly authorized by this Agreement, you may not use, alter, copy, distribute, perform, transmit, or derive another work from any Content obtained from the Site, except as expressly permitted by the Terms of Use or specific agreements with Computer Services.
Links to Third-Party Web Sites:
This website may include links to third party Web service providers for information, items of interest, or for online payment processing or other services. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you and do not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation by Computer Services of the third party, the third-party web site, or the information contained therein, unless specifically stated in writing. We are not responsible for the availability or content of any such web sites and are not responsible or liable for any such web site, its' performance (or lack thereof), or interaction with you or the computing device you are using to interact with said third-party site.
This Site and its' Content are protected by U.S. and/or foreign copyright laws, and is owned by and belongs to Computer Services. The copyrights on the Content are owned by Computer Services or other copyright owners, whose content is controlled by their respective copyrights. All Trademarks, logos, images, descriptions, and the like, of third party companies or entities are owned by those respective entities and in no way endorse ownership by or control of any of those items by Computer Services, except for the representation of them herein.
(last update: May 31st, 2019)
Malware and spyware is
always an annoyance, and
sometimes dangerous. There
are many tools out there to
help ward off these pests.
Many are available at little or
no cost. We can help find the
best solutions to keep you as
free as possible from
spyware, malware & viruses.

Note: any links to other
websites will open in a new
tab or window, depending
upon your browser.
Contact us to find out
how we can help you.
We know technology is more
important now, than ever.
We want to make sure yours
is working FOR you!!!
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