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Ebay has to be one of the most well known success stories of
Ice Cube system the internet economy. For what started out as a place for people to buy and sell Beanie Babies, it certainly took on a life of its' own, fueled not only by a well thought out business model and system for members to keep each other in check with feedback rating points, but also by people's desire to 'have a piece' of the booming internet economy. By the time the 'dot-com bubble' popped, in and around 2001, it had already grown to such a size, that it was impossible to stop its' growth. Of course, eBay had one thing going for it that many other businesses did not have, which was that volume was actually being created, instead of just hype. (Oh, you mean that real business was actually being conducted on the internet?!?  What a concept...  :-)

All that aside, we like the whole eBay community and the interaction it provides, as well as the opportunity to reach people we may not otherwise have been able to reach. We've been fortunate to be able to help some other people get their start on eBay as well. So whether you want help selling your items on eBay (or other auction sites), or you want help getting your own eBay business started, please take advantage of the resources on the site, and let us know how we can help you get going.

Remember, when they ask you who helped you with ANY of your computer needs...    just tell them "My Brother Steve did!"

Now YOU have a brother in the computer business!

Have a fantastic day! From Steve and Company.     
Malware and spyware is
always an annoyance, and
sometimes dangerous. There
are many tools out there to
help ward off these pests.
Many are available at little or
no cost. We can help find the
best solutions to keep you as
free as possible from
spyware, malware & viruses.

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websites will open in a new
tab or window, depending
upon your browser.
Contact us to find out
how we can help you.
We know technology is more
important now, than ever.
We want to make sure yours
is working FOR you!!!
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Steve is a Microsoft Certified Professional and works with Certified Professionals on his team.
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