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Contact Information
Phone Number: (530) 723-6286
 * Please note:  text messaging is not available to this number.
** PLEASE leave a message. The number of spam & sales calls has reached a level of ridiculousness (it probably happens to you, too) and chances are, if we're not already on a call, we're probably working on client computers, and we may not answer directly. We schedule certain times, between tasks, to check email & voicemail messages. This allows us to manage incoming calls & email in the most efficient way possible. We'll return your message as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding.
Address: 723 Main Street ~ Woodland, CA  95695
* We are downstairs on the ground floor, right inside the main front doors of the 725 Main St. office building (also known locally as The Oddfellows Building). It is the 3-story office building, right on the corner of Third & Main Street in downtown Woodland. We're right between the Philly Cheesesteak shop on the corner, and the Duke of Earl Tattoo shop.
You can also send us a message at:
Hours of Operation:
We are open for our regular schedule this week:
Mon. - Fri.:  9:00am - 5:30pm, by appointment*
Saturday:  by advance appointment*

We look forward to hearing from you!
Please note that our hourly rate (for most of our services*) for 2024, is $99 per hour. Our PPS (Priority Platinum Service) Rate, for emergency and after hours service calls, is $130 per hour. Our $10 per hour Senior & UCD Student discounts for residential clients continue, as usual, throughout 2024.
(Services provided by outside vendors, such as programming, hosting, fabricating, etc., are billed at that vendor's own rates.)

We look forward to hearing from you!
* Please be aware that we set up appointments to meet with all clients, even at our office. We are often out at client locations, so there may not be someone at the office if a client was to stop by unexpectedly. Thanks.
Remember, when they ask you who helped you with ANY of your computer needs...    just tell them "My Brother Steve did!"
Now YOU have a brother in the computer business!
Have a fantastic day! From Steve and Company.     
Malware and spyware is
always an annoyance, and
sometimes dangerous. There
are many tools out there to
help ward off these pests.
Many are available at little or
no cost. We can help find the
best solutions to keep you as
free as possible from
spyware, malware & viruses.

Note: any links to other
websites will open in a new
tab or window, depending
upon your browser.
Contact us to find out
how we can help you.
We know technology is more
important now, than ever.
We want to make sure yours
is working FOR you!!!
MBS Works With
Steve is a Microsoft Certified Professional and works with Certified Professionals on his team.
Certified Professionals

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